Sparkling Swimming Pool

The Pool Shoppe is widely known for our Deluxe 2-Visit Opening Service, since 1968!

This service should let you swim in ‘balanced’, clear water after our 2nd visit!**

During our first visit, we will:

  • Pump water off the winter cover
  • Remove cover debris and take it away!
  • Flush cover
  • Fold cover and weights for storage
  • Clean waterline, skimmer and coping
  • Replace pool accessories such as ladder(s), hand rails, light(s) and return jets
  • Flush down deck
  • Lightly vacuum with our discharge pump as required
    (if water level and clarity allow)
  • Skim debris from pool surface

Homeowner is responsible to fill pool to top of skimmer

Service Start–up. During our second visit we will:

  • Replace all drain plugs and gauges to filtration equipment
  • Prime pump and start circulation
  • Ensure pool and filtration equipment is operating properly**
  • Test pool water for pH, total alkalinity, stabilizer (CYA), hardness and salt if applicable
  • Adjust and balance water chemistry as necessary*
  • Vacuum pool & skim water surface
  • Fill chemical feeder, if applicable
  • Install automatic pool cleaner, if applicable
  • Set up solar blanket to roller, if applicable

* All Chemicals used will be charged accordingly
** Additional time or visits to clear up green/turbid pools, and/or repairing leaks to plumbing and equipment will be subject to additional charges

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