Clear Swimming Pool

Do you want to spend more time enjoying your pool? Let The Pool Shoppe look after maintaining your pool. We can set up a maintenance program to suit your needs – weekly, twice weekly, twice monthly or when you’re on holidays. Do you own a spa as well? We can also maintain spas as a part of your maintenance visit. We also offer a drain, clean and refill service.

On each visit our technician will perform the following:

  • Skim the water surface
  • Vacuum the pool
  • Clean steps and inside skimmer
  • Brush the pool surface (as necessary)
  • Scrub and clean the waterline (as necessary)
  • Test and adjust water chemistry*
  • Empty debris from the baskets
  • Backwash the filter or clean other filter media as required
  • Refill the chemical feeder or adjust the salt level as necessary
  • Shock or super chlorinate the pool (with the approval from the homeowner).

Technicians will leave the solar blanket off after the service has been completed in order to prevent damage from the chemicals added and to keep the pool clean after vacuuming.

Please note:

  • The pool is expected to be clear for maintenance visits. If it is not, please let the service department know in advance so they are prepared to clear the pool
  • Homeowner is responsible to have the pool filled to the proper operating level prior to our visit
  • All chemicals are an extra cost

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