The Pool Shoppe closes inground, onground and above-ground pools. All our crews are trained to install safety covers, beaded or lock-in covers, overlap covers held with waterbags, and overlap covers held with cable & winch.

Before your pool closing, please:

  • Bring a water sample to the shop to be tested to ensure water balance
  • Chemically cleaning your Sand/Zeobrite is best done before closing your pool
  • Keep the pump running and the pool maintained until we arrive to close your pool
  • Ensure that power and water are on and accessible for the closing crew
  • Ensure that your winter cover and closing accessories are out and accessible by the closing crew. Our trucks are fully stocked with gizmos, plugs, waterbags, etc. if required**

Our closing crews will:

  • Vacuum pool and lower water level with our equipment
  • Winterize pump, filter, chlorinator, heater, etc.
  • Disconnect hoses and equipment for storage – if applicable
  • Winterize underground line and plug
  • Winterize skimmer
  • Remove all deck equipment*
  • Remove solar blanket and wrap, roll or fold for storage
  • Check water chemistry (pH & Total Alkalinity) and balance**
  • Add winterizing chemicals if requested** Shock, Algaecide & Stain ‘n Scale
  • Install winter cover and applicable weights to secure cover

Please note:

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please call the service office (ext. 24)
  • Check on your pool regularly over the winter season. Check for flat waterbags, or waterbags that have been pulled into the pool due to excessive wind or leaf/water load on the cover. Replace any damaged bags immediately, we will do a courtesy service call within one week**
  • Also watch the water level. If there is a leak in your liner, the water will drain and pull the cover into the pool
  • Once the leaves have fallen, leaf nets and/or leaves should be removed from the pool before freezing. This will prevent extra clean up time during your pool opening

* Drop in steps are left in place if handrail is removable or the homeowner is to remove prior to our visit
** All chemicals and parts provided by The Pool Shoppe necessary to complete the closing will be charged for at an additional cost

Extras will be done at the time of pool closing and charged accordingly:

  • Spill over Spas
  • Waterfall features
  • Install Leaf Cover
  • Remove Leaf Cover
  • Additional time to vacuum
  • Chemicals used to balance or treat the water

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