Our technicians are Certified Pool/Spa Operators (CPO®) and can install, service or replace any pump or filter. Existing pumps can be upgraded to newer energy efficient and eco friendly models – EcoStar and TriStar pumps. We can re-pack* your sand filter with sand or Zeobrite, or upgrade to a Swim Clear cartridge filter. We repair plumbing leaks both above and below ground.

Do you need a refresher course on how your pool operates? The Pool Shoppe can provide a knowledgeable technician to show you how to efficiently maintain your pool.

* Filter sand should be changed every 5 – 7 years. Your filter should be backwashed regularly and chemically cleaned once per season.

MultiCyclone Pre-Filtration DeviceNEW!  Minimize Filter Maintenance. Save water. Save time!

A MultiCyclone pre-filtration device can cut 80% of the dirt that clogs a cartridge filter reducing the number of times the cartridge needs to be cleaned as well as replaced.

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