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Trust our Billiard Mechanics to relocate your slate pool table from its current location to another room in your house or to another home. Our pool table movers will professionally dismantle, move with care and, with precision leveling equipment, re-install your pool table for optimum play.

Never lift a pool table by the rails or pockets! Damage to the pool table slate or pool table wood can occur.

Basic Re-level:

The Pool Shoppe offers basic re-leveling for pool tables that have settled or shifted out of level. During a basic re-level, our billiard mechanics will correct the table level by shimming the pool table under the legs as required. The pool table is not dismantled and re-installed during a basic re-level. Our billiard mechanics use a machinist’s level to ensure precision leveling.

Rebuild Re-level:

The Pool Shoppe offers rebuild re-leveling to correct pool tables that cannot be leveled by basic re-leveling. This type of re-leveling is to correct problems caused by lifting, incorrectly moving the pool table or to correct an improper installation. The pool table will be dismantled and then properly re-installed to re-level it. Our billiard mechanics use a machinist’s level to ensure precision leveling.

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