The Pool Shoppe carries a large selection of shafts, available in nylon, metal, spinners, dimplex, and super grip. The shafts come in different sizes including micro, extra short, short, in-between, medium, and large. Come visit The Pool Shoppe for our complete selection.

Pro Turn Dart Shafts

Pro Turn Shafts

Alloy shafts available in medium and short lengths.

Anodized Alloy Dart Shafts

Anodized Alloy Shafts

Features cross-hole locking device and are super slotted for easy fit. Available in multiple colours & lengths: micro, x-short, short, medium & long.

Pro Grip Dart Shafts

Pro Grip Shafts

Colours: black, white, pink ombre and purple ombre
Sizes: Short and medium

Nylon Dart Shafts

Nylon Shafts

Available in black and white. Lengths available: x-short, short, midi (in-between), medium & long.

Crown Dart Shafts

Crown Shafts

Made from aluminum. The rigid shift gives extra grip. The crown tip deflects darts into a scoring zone. Lengths available: medium.

Nylon Shafts with Steel Ring Grips

Nylon Shafts with Steel Ring Grips

Features high-torque steel ring grips to keep flights firmly in place. Colours: black and white. Lengths available: x-short, short, medium & long. Jocky Wilson also available

Laro Resin Dart Shafts

Laro Resin Shafts

Made from natural resin, making the shaft ultra-durable. Available lengths: medium.

Harrows Dimplex Dart Shafts

Harrows Dimplex Shafts

Uses golfball technology to reduce drag and increase lift. Lengths available: short & medium. Colours: white & black.

Jocky Wilson Dart Shafts

Jocky Wilson Shafts

Colours: Black & clear
Sizes: xs, s, med

Quiver Dart Shafts

Quiver Shafts

Micro thin polyester shaft. Reduces weight at the end of the dart and reduces deflections. Can be cut to customize length. Lengths available: medium.

Top Spin Dart Shafts

Top Spin Shafts

Spinning top helps reduce deflections. Available in multiple colours. Lengths available: midi & medium.

Harrows Heavy Metal Dart Shafts

Harrows Heavy Metal Shafts

Give (4g) extra weight, allowing players to “custom balance” their darts. Available in ‘midi’ length.

Titan Wire Dart Shafts

Titan Wire Shafts

Aluminum base with a rubber sleeve. The rubber sleeve can be cut to customize the length of the shaft. Lengths available: medium.

Harrows Graflite Dart Shafts

Harrows Graflite Shafts

Made from aluminum and features weight reduction zones. Available in ‘midi’ length.

Clic System Dart Shaft

Clic System – Shaft and Flights

Shaft: 851514BL