As seen in our pool court pool!


This Solar Roller can be used on a variety of different pools!

  • Round Abovegrounds
  • Oval Abovegrounds
  • Rectangular Ingrounds
  • Oddly shaped ingrounds
  • Ingrounds that cannot use traditional solar rollers

How does it work?



Although the above videos show a split cover, the Solar Roller® Cover Stick™ can be used as a single roller for lengths up to 18’!

What are the benefits of this method?

  • Rolls cover easily in 15 seconds per side!
  • Takes the hassle out of using your solar blanket!
  • Can be easily hidden as it does not stay on your deck!
  • Can be hung on the fence, up and out of the way!
  • Can fit up to a 20x40ft pool and other oddly shaped pools!
  • Light and compact!
  • To cover the pool, just pull the roll open along the deck, and slide it in!
  • Nothing on your deck, more space for FUN!

How do I install my Solar Roller® Cover Stick™? (PDF Document)

The Cover Stick™ is for you if you want your backyard clutter free and your pool nice and warm!