The Pool Shoppe is proud to offer the largest billiard cues selection in the surrounding area!

Our Showroom's Billiards Selection

We carry Boston and snooker cues in a variety of weights and styles, including but not limited to: one-piece, two-piece, graphite, fiberglass and all-wood.

Raid by Falcon Cues Billiard Cues

Raid by Falcon

Raid series cues by Falcon are a value packed cue made with the same high end production used for 24 years by Falcon. First manufactured in 1991 in Mississauga On, Falcon has joined forces with first Joss cues and then Clawson cues (Predator) that helped further develop the company’s cue making abilities and techniques.

Rawhyde Billiard Cues


Rawhyde cues break the mold with elevated traditional styling created through a cutting-edge laser etching process plus enhanced performance extras for cues including a Pure X 12.75 mm low deflection shaft and Tiger Everest tip. Rawhyde Cues are warranted to be free from material and manufacturing defects, including against warpage, for the lifetime of the cue.

Lucasi Custom Billiard Cues

Lucasi Custom

Lucasi has long been known for its superior quality workmanship. The Lucasi Custom Solid Core Low Deflection Technology Shaft comes standard on all Lucasi Custom models and is designed to give your game an extra kick by making every shot more accurate and true-to-path. A zero flexpoint ferrule and Tiger Everest tip complete the shaft. Lucasi Custom Cues are warranted to be free from material and manufacturing defects, including against warpage, for the lifetime of the cue.

Players Billiard Cues


Players cues come with a Lifetime Guarantee even against warpage. The shafts are made with 100% grade A North American hard rock maple. Cue blanks are turned and dried 7 times, treated with Nelsonite and finished with a proprietary epoxy coating. The high-impact ferrule carries its own warranty against chipping and cracking. It is tipped with a high quality French Le Pro leather tip.

Players Live Hard Play Hard Billiard Cues

Players Live Hard Play Hard

Players Live Hard Play Hard series features laser etched designs ranging from grunge and tattoo inspired graphic art to bold contemporary designs.

Rage Billiard Cues

PureX by Players

Pure X by Players featuring Pure X low Deflection Technology. These cues are engineered using the latest technology including : a HXT Low deflection Technology shaft for increased accuracy, Special light weight polymer core for increased accuracy, Black Kamui tip gives superior grip, spin and durability.

Action Billiard Cues

Action by CueStix

Action cues brought to us by CueStix are a top selling brand with over a dozen different lines including; Eight Ball Mafia, Adventure, Exotic, Khrome, Impact, Ink, Mayhem, Calavera and many more, all offering exceptional value and playability.

Athena Billiard Cues

Athena by CueStix

Athena the goddess of wisdom, craft and war. Athena cues by CueStix are designed with such women in mind. They offer a 12.5mm tip with thinner shaft and a shorter standard 57” length. A 10” extension is included with every cue.

McDermott Billiard Cues


McDermott has been setting industry standards since 1975. They use the latest technology and the finest materials in the world. McDermott leads the industry in performance, quality and service. The Pool Shoppe is proud to offer both The Lucky cue series and The Star cue series from McDermott’s 12 brand line up.

Griffin Billiard Cues

Griffin by CueStix

Griffin cues by CueStix offer excellent performance for great value. Included with every cue is a joint protector. The cue is weight adjustable. It offers an Irish linen wrap and 13mm Redline tip by Tiger.

Cuetec Billiard Cues


Cuetec was established in 1989. They use a patented process of coating a Grade A North American maple shaft with a thin layer of fiberglass or graphite through a “power bonding process”. Cuetec has created a cue that remains straight despite adverse conditions and is extremely durable throughout all types of play. Endorsed by Shane Van Boening.

Elite Billiard Cues

Elite by CueStix

Elite Snooker cues are a CueStix original. They offer a 10mm snooker tip with brass ferrule. Made of ash wood with a European tapered shaft.

Riley Billiard Cues


Riley cues were established in 1897. One of the longest cue manufactures in the world. In 2002, they merged with BCE cues. Both lines have maintained their original name, but together they continue to produce high end snooker cues out of Accrington, England.

Outlaw Billiard Cues

Outlaw by CueStix

Outlaw cues from CueStix are a work of art as well as a great playing cue. Tribal designs are hand burnished using a blowtorch. The Outlaw logo is etched into every stainless steel butt. They offer a stacked leather or tire wrap. Stainless steel joints and 13mm 7 layer boar skin tip.

Scorpion Billiard Cues


Scorpion cues are named after Johnny “The Scorpion” Archer, 4x World Champion and BCA Hall of Famer. Fiberglass protected with a clear coating over the wood to protect from warpage “armor coated”. Every cue includes a joint protector.

Voodoo Billiard Cues

Voodoo by CueStix

Voodoo cues from CueStix offer digital engravings featuring blood, skulls and cemetery carvings. A midnight leather wrap and 7 layer boar skin tip add to the features of this cue. These cues are weight adjustable.

Stealth Billiard Cues


Stealth cues created in 1992 by Mark Stoller. Mark is the holder of 5 US patents and has over 225 unique cue designs. The Dooley handle was patented in 2002. It is great for arthritis and grip problems. Helps with your stroke and accuracy.

Dufferin Billiard Cues


Dufferin cues originated in Canada in 1967. In 2005, Dufferin was bought by Cue & Case. Cues are now manufactured globally while still maintaining their legendary quality. All Dufferin cues still offer 100% Hard Rock Maple from Canada.

Rage Billiard Cues


Rage cues are manufactured by Cue & Case. They are made from 100% Hard Rock Maple and include a fiber ferrule ad quality leather tip. A quality cue for a great price.

Licensed Billiard Cues and Cases


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