3 Person Hot Tub


The V65L

V65L is your personal vacation at home; Compact size fits tight spaces; Comfortable lounge lets you really chill out; 22 Jetpods soothe weary muscles; Convenient plug-n-play system lets you locate it anywhere; Just add friends for serious fun!

Massage Seats    3
Dimensions    65″ x 84″ x 29.5”
Spa Volume210 US gallons (795 litres)
Total Jets22
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The V65L Spa

Marquis Spas


Why Buy a Marquis Spa

ConstantClean™ Water Management System

Who doesn’t want clean water? ConstantClean and ConstantClean+ allow you to have the ultimate hot tub experience, without the hassle!

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MicroSilk® Oxygen Therapy Option

The MicroSilk Oxygen Skin Therapy and Beauty Treatment option is available for this hot tub! Using a Marquis hot tub with MicroSilk is like giving your entire body an oxygen facial, moisturizing and hydrating at the same time making your skin feel luxuriously silky as well as reducing fine lines and wrinkles. 

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Monthly cost of operation: $11.77*

*Based on $.109 per kW hour, 70° F / 21° C average temperature.

Electrical cost based on spa use of 30 minutes duration, three times per week; filtration time of two hours two times per day (24 hour period); one hour SmartClean™ setting. 240Volt, 30-50 amp. Ask your authorized dealer or local utility for the energy rate in your area. Your cost of operation will vary depending upon personal settings of the software, frequency of use and ambient temperatures.