What You Can Do To Keep Your Pool Table Out Of The Landfill

This week at The Pool Shoppe, we are celebrating Waste Reduction Week in Canada. This year-round program focuses on circular economy, resource efficiency, and waste reduction. Once a year in October, their message is broadcast loudly through Waste Reduction Week, with each day having its own theme.

Today’s theme is circular economy. While this concept can be defined in many ways, the idea is to keep products out of landfills, and to encourage reusing items. At The Pool Shoppe, we focus on quality products that will exceed your expectations. With that in mind, our lines of Olhausen billiards and shuffleboard tables shine. Olhausen builds their products with durable materials that stand the test of time. The quality of their tables makes it so folks will be proud to pass them along from one generation to the next. In today’s linear disposable economy, any little bit helps.

Founded in 1972 by Butch and Donny Olhausen, Olhausen Billiard Manufucturing Inc. stands behind their products and warranties their residential tables for life. We have been proudly installing them for over 25 years. Want to learn more? Browse our billiard or shuffleboard tables!

Do you have a table that needs an update?

At The Pool Shoppe, our professionals have the skills to help extend the life of your table. When your felt or cushions need replacement, and whether it’s an Olhausen table or not, we have the expertise needed to bring your table back to life. Find out more about our re-cloth or re-cushion services!

How to extend the life of your table.

With your brand new, or newly refurbished table in place, you’ll want to enjoy it for years to come. To help, we’ve assembled the definitive list of what you should do to keep your table in top playing condition, from cleaning the wood surfaces, to brushing the felt, and everything in between.

Billiard Maintenance Tips