The ideal space for any pool table would be one with no obstacles within a cue’s length of any part of the playing surface. The standard cue length is 57″-58″. By adding this cue length to each side of the playing surface, you can help define and visualize the required room dimensions. If there is a conflict with walls, posts or other obstacles during play, you can simply use shorter cues available in lengths from 36″ to 52″, to complete hard- to-reach shots. Also, before incorporating furniture such as sofas or other games tables around your pool table, consider the height and angle of the cue during play to prevent further obstruction. See the Room Chart below for ideal room dimensions for your pool table.

Room Chart

This chart will help you choose the table size that’s best for your playing area. If you have any questions about room dimensions, cue length, or table size, Contact Us and we will be happy to help you!

Room ChartDownload Olhausen’s “Build Your Own Game Room” Chart and Templates to design your ultimate Games Room! At The Pool Shoppe, we carry many other games for your playing space! Don’t forget to leave some room for Foosball, Air Hockey and Shuffleboard!