by Donna Stoner

In the Fall of 2017, I had the opportunity to travel to Portland, Tennessee to see, firsthand, the amazing craftsmanship and work that goes into each and every Olhausen table.

The Olhausen Billiards Factory was very impressive, from the cleanliness to the high tech equipment. Every employee showed so much care in their work, proven by the attention to detail in every department. All of the men and women working in the factory were very happy to stop and explain what they were doing and which part of the table they were building. I was most impressed by how much of the work was being done by hand. I was also told by more than one person that owner Donny Olhausen prefers to work an afternoon shift and he can often be found late at night working on a table, or a new product or finish.

Hand Sanding Olhausen Billiard Table

Every Olhausen table starts with high-quality materials, and with first-class workmanship is turned into a table that will last a lifetime.


The Olhausen Uniliner® ties all four corners of the table together and helps keep slate flat and level, and minimizes frame movement. It makes a huge difference in quality compared to tables with just centre braces.

The Accufast bumpers which are installed on all Olhausen rails, are made in America and are 100% pure gum rubber which will ensure a perfect bounce for a lifetime.


The shuffleboard team is amazing to watch while they work on the unique finishes and designs that top the solid finger joint maple play surface. It was so cool to see the two-part surface being poured and the bubbles in the surface removed. My thanks to Rex “The World’s Best Table Installer” for explaining in detail, how the climate adjusters work to maintain a perfect play surface and also reviewing the proper maintenance of a table top.


After this trip, I am confident that I can answer any question a client may have about an Olhausen table and I can confirm, without a doubt, that they are 100% made in the USA. If for any reason I cannot answer a question, I know that Steve at Olhausen is always available to get me the answer. Having the chance to meet and speak with knowledgeable people that have been in the industry for years was incredible.

Thank you to Donny Olhausen and the entire Olhausen Family and Team for the wonderful hospitality that they showed us while in Portland, Tennessee.

Donna Stoner, Donny Olhausen & Susan Lock

My Sales Manager, Susan Lock was my travel partner in this adventure, and one of the few people that I have ever met that can endure my shopping habits!

A special thank you to Dana and Bob Simpson, at The Pool Shoppe, for investing in my knowledge of billiards and sending me on this fantastic trip.