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Hydrotherapy: the reason the hot tub industry exists. Hydrotherapy is the reason you’re thinking (or dreaming) of owning a hot tub. You want relief: relief from stress, pain, sleepless nights, or any number of different stressors.

There are 3 factors that determine the quality of your spa’s hydrotherapy: Heat, Buoyancy and Optimal Massage (HBO). Any hot tub (or bath tub, for that matter) can give you Heat and Buoyancy. It’s the Optimal Massage that sets Sundance® apart.

Years ago, Sundance® Spas went outside the box to develop our patented Fluidix jet system. Why? Because all the other jets that give you moving water use moving parts, like ball bearings or spinners. In a hot tub, these moving parts will break down, causing the jets to fail. Do you really want the inconvenience of having your jets pop out when you go for your evening soak? Not likely. Sundance®’s Fluidix jets give you moving water without using any bearings or internal moving parts. Because there are no moving parts, there’s no concern for failure. Our Fluidix jets are warranted for 5 years, and to date we have never experienced a failure of jet internals under warranty. Find another spa manufacturer that can tell you that.

Not only are the jets durable, but they give you a phenomenal massage. The water action from our Fluidix ST™, Nex™, Vortex™, Reflex™ and Intelli-Jet™ actually mimics proven massage techniques on your back. And the best part is, these jets offer swirling motion, rotating or stationary action, adjustable pressure and volume – giving you a fully customizable massage in each and every seat in the spa. Isn’t that what you’re looking for?

The Best Massage a Hot Tub Can Give

On top of the Heat, Buoyancy and Optimal Massage, Sundance® gives you comfortable, ergonomic seating. Our seats are comfortably molded to receive your body, allowing you to relax and let your stress melt away. Our smart design also offers multi-level seating, meaning everyone in your family will find a seat that keeps their shoulders in the water, and their chin above it.


Have you ever floated out of a lounger? It’s not an issue with Sundance®: our loungers posture you in a way that keeps you from floating, keeping your body anchored in front of the soothing massage streaming from our Fluidix jets.


Please don’t just take our word for it: after checking out the different spas available, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats decided to make the Sundance® Optima™ their official spa, because of the superior hydrotherapy. If a Sundance® is good enough for them, there’s a good chance it’s good enough for you.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats

We encourage you to Schedule a Wet Test, and see first-hand how a Sundance® Spa will improve your quality of life with a hydromassage experience that is second to none.

Schedule a Wet Test


The most common reservation about purchasing a spa that customers have today is maintenance. Nobody wants their spa to become a part-time job. That’s why Sundance® developed MicroClean™ filtration in 2002, and introduced CLEARRAY™ in 2012.

Sundance®’s MicroClean™ filter cartridge is the industry’s first FDA-compliant and NSF-certified filter, and it’s exclusive to Sundance® Spas. In 2009 we took it a step further, and developed the MicroClean™ Ultra™ filter: the industry’s first inner core design. We clean the water more thoroughly with our interlocking, dual stage filtration; more frequently with our Dynamic Flow™ circ pump; and more naturally with our CLEARRAY™ system. All of this means that your Sundance® Spa works to keep you water clean so that you don’t have to, saving you time and money in the long run. The cleanest water with no work: isn’t that what you’re looking for?


Sundance® Spas’ introduction of CLEARRAY™ in 2012 represents a major shift in hot tub water care. This factory-installed Water Purification System has been proven to help maintain more natural water by helping us reduce the amount of sanitizing chemicals required (by up to 75% percent!). There isn’t an easier, safer system available today.

Read on for more information about CLEARRAY™!

Energy Efficiency

Our 3-layer RigidBond construction adds superior strength and thermal retention qualities. Only Sundance layers their acrylic shell with vinylester, polyester resins and a proprietary laminate. Full-foam insulation with two different types of foam completely fills the compartment between the shell and the skirt, retaining heat and blocking out cold (as well as supporting your plumbing). RigidBond and Full-foam insulation work together to conserve energy and reduce your heating costs by maintaining water temperatures longer.

Rigibond Construction

The easy-to-use iTouch control panels on 880, 780 and Select Series spas allow for precise programming of filtration cycles, temperature control to within half a degree, and Integrated AquaTerrace and Footwell Lighting controls. Energy efficient microprocessors continuously check all spa functions, to ensure that your spa is running just the way you like. Lock-out function also allows for the protection of your personalized settings.

iTouch Controls

Consumes just 7.5% of the energy used by an equivalent incandescent lighting system. To put it another way, if you ran your LED lighting system everyday for 3 hours, you would spend about 50¢ per year (based on electricity at 10 cents per kwh).

LED Lighting

This factory installed option is available on all 780 and 880 Series spas (standard at The Pool Shoppe), and is ideal for cold weather climates such as ours. The insulation blanket achieves up to 25% energy usage reduction, protects from moisture and mold, and reduces operating noise.



Sundance® Spas is a manufacturer recognized as a front-runner in the spa industry in terms of quality. Sundance® Spas was the first spa manufacturer to achieve ISO 9001 Certification, the most comprehensive set of quality assurance standards used by companies in 90 countries.


ISO 9001 applies to every step, from design and development to installation and servicing of our products. Our processes pass regular audits to maintain this certification, so you have peace of mind that your spa has been built according to the strictest quality control standards in the industry.

Because our spas are built so well, we back them up with an incredible warranty. What other spa manufacturer gives you a Titanium Heater Element with a 5-year Unconditional warranty? What other spa features patented jets that give you a phenomenal massage, contain no moving parts, and are guaranteed for 5 years?


Our comprehensive, non-prorated warranty gives you years of worry-free operation. Our warranty is so strong, we proudly display it on our website – and the best part is, there’s no fine print to decipher. It’s the industry’s best warranty, backing up the best-built hot tubs.

We have also been recognized by the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals, Consumer’s Digest and Good Housekeeping for our consistency in providing the best-built hot tubs in the world. Not only have we been certified by Spa Searches for four years in a row, but we consistently come out as number one.

Best Buy Award - Sundance Cameo

An independent auditing firm has contacted thousands of Sundance® customers to determine their satisfaction with the spa – over 90% are “extremely satisfied.” If you’re looking for a spa that will give you years of enjoyment instead of headaches, then you’re looking for a Sundance® Spa.

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