Marquis ATV-17 Swim Spa

ATV™-17 Sport provides expanded swim and workout versatility with an extra 3 ft. of length and 5 in. of depth (53 in. total water depth). Twin-end tether points offer more workout options with and against the flow in both Sport models.

ATV™-17 Kona is the top performance 17 ft. vessel with 2 two-speed 360 gpm swim end pumps (720 gpm total pump flow). Marquis®’ innovative Whitewater-4 jets are a Kona exclusive and provide a wall of water to maximize your swim pace options and workout rigor. Class 4 white water is known as ‘advanced’ in the outdoor sports world. A third 160 gpm pump powers the therapy seats and Buoyancy Jets. Paired mid-vessel Buoyancy Jets provide mid-to lower torso lift during swim exercises.

Size 204″ x 89.5” x 61”
Water Depth    53″
Therapy Seats 1 full depth, 1 cool down
Swim Tether Kit    Included
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