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The ATV-14

If you’re a water enthusiast who wants a less intense (mild) swim, stretch, soak, or splash then the ATV-14 Splash is the vessel for you! The Splash operates off of a single 160 GPM / 606 LPM dual-speed pump for a more relaxed flow for your aquatic activity. It is equipped with a single swim tether point and a resistance rowing option to provide versatile activity or relaxation for your lifestyle.

If you’re looking for a greater flow and superior resistance for rigorous workouts, but still want the same compact size as the Splash, then the ATV-14 Sport is for you! The 3 dual-speed pumps (160 GPM / 606 LPM) create a flow rate of 480 GPM / 1,817 LPM to deliver swim workouts and strength and rehab conditioning exercises with low-impact for better health and wellness. Twin-end tether points offer more workout options with and against the flow.

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ATV-14 Swim Spa

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Aquatic training is an important and vibrant part of the sports, fitness and health, and wellness disciplines today. Whether you are motivated by competition, conditioning, injury recovery or simply seeking a better balance for your health, a water-supported environment is a perfect solution.

ATV-14 Splash

Enjoyable swimming and fitness with enough room to party

Dimensions168.5" x 89.5" x 56"
Water Depth48"
Spa Volume1,725 US gallons (6,529 litres)
Jets26 therapy jets, 2 high volume turbo swim jets
Pump1 dual-speed 160 gpm / 606 lpm pump
Anchors1 pair Swim Tether Anchors (swim tether included)
Interior Steps