Meets or exceeds the energy efficiency standards as defined by the California Energy Commission “CEC.”

SpaSeriesEstimated Monthly Cost
Edison680 Series$15.72
Mckinley680 Series$19.87
Peyton680 Series$18.14
Ramona680 Series$18.93
Tacoma680 Series$9.58
Chelsee780 Series$17.35
Hamilton780 Series$18.43
Hanover780 Series$17.48
Montclair780 Series$14.98
Dover780 Series$13.46
Altamar880 Series$18.22
Aspen880 Series$20.74
Cameo880 Series$18.14
Capri880 Series$14.47
Marin880 Series$16.06
Maxxus880 Series$23.26
Optima880 Series$20.02
Kingston980 Series$19.48
VictoriaSelect Series$13.61
ConstanceSelect Series$13.39

Estimated monthly cost is based on CEC test protocol for standby power consumption only. Test results measured in a controlled environment based on a kilowatt rate per hour of $0.10, and a temperature of 101 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius). Local and future energy rates, local conditions and individual use will alter these estimated monthly costs. For complete CEC test protocol and results visit