Kafko Pool ProductsThe “semi-inground pool” or “Onground Pool ” as we like to call it, offers additional backyard design choices when grade issues affect the installation of traditional aboveground or inground swimming pools. These pools are available in 42″ or 48″ wall heights with a maximum water depth of 5 feet. They can be installed completely above the ground or 21″ into the ground (8″ at the highest point of the yard).

At The Pool Shoppe, we build your Onground Pools with the design of an Inground pool in mind. Our Onground pools are made with the same 14 gauge steel, inground quality vinyl, 2 stage cement bottom, concrete footings and inground plumbing as our Inground Pools. This assures our new pool owners the longevity they are looking for with this type of pool without compromising the structure due to inclement weather and extremely wet or rainy conditions.

Upon completion of the installation, the exterior of the pool is left unfinished (not decoratively treated). Decking or trim will be needed to complete the overall look. Visit our Pool Court for decking ideas on how to finish your Onground Swimming Pool.

Kafko Onground Pool Kits

SizesOctagon ShapeDecagon ShapeExtended Octagon/
Emerald Shape
Kidney Shape
12′ x 24′Yes
13′ x 24′Yes
15′ x 25′Yes
15′ x 29′Yes
16′ x 32′Yes
17′ x 30′YesYes
19′ x 35′Yes
20′ x 30′Yes
20′ x 36′Yes

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