The Pool Shoppe is carrying on the tradition with our private labeled Aqua Guard chemicals produced by CAPO industries, a local company that is providing us with the same superior quality we have relied on for years.

Other brands include Great Lakes Biochemical, Lawrason’sGuardexBioguard and Eclipse 3. We rely on the effectiveness of our chemicals to maintain clear sparkling water and stock our shelves accordingly.

Synergy Products


Less to Buy, Less to Do, More to Enjoy.

Now, there’s an even easier way to keep your pool in perfect shape – with Synergy®, The Original Pool Care In A Box. Synergy is the simple way to keep your pool crystal clear and easy to maintain all season long. Synergy requires fewer products and less time while delivering sparkling, clear water.

Advantage 1: Less to buy.

With the Synergy System, there’s a lot less to decide and a lot less to carry home. Instead of the usual assortment of buckets, bottles and bags of chemicals, everything you need comes in one handy box. We’ve thought of everything, right down to the test strips.

Advantage 2: Less to do.

There’s also less work with Synergy. For complete pool care, you only apply two products, once a week. Perfectly proportioned, there’s no weighing and measuring. The basic system consists of two simple parts: Synergy tabs to keep water safe and Synergy Clear to keep it sparkling. Synergy means less work in less time for you.

Advantage 3: More to enjoy.

With less to buy and less to do, there’s more to enjoy. You’ll experience a clearer, trouble-free pool and that means more enjoyment for you. After all, your pool was meant to be a pleasure. Now, it can be.

Pool Marvel All Natural Swimming Pool Water TreatmentWant to improve water clarity and enhance chemical treatments, naturally?

Pool Marvel’s all natural water treatment formula has been carefully developed to work in conjunction with all other pool chemical systems to enhance their performance and reduce overall maintenance in a swimming pool environment.

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