GAME SolarPRO Curve Pool Heater



The next generation in Solar Pool heating from GAME™


Our exclusive NEW ‘curve’ solar heater design creates a MAXIMUM SOLAR collecting area. The most heat efficient and least flow restrictive pool heater design generating enough transfer to increase pool temperature 5 degrees in five days, extending the pool season!

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Game Curve

Add weeks to the swimming season with free, eco-friendly energy from the sun heating the pool water. The Curve Pool Heater by Game SolarPro is ideal for use with popular above-ground pools including Bestway an Intex models. Heat your pool water the “green” way using solar energy and get the most our of this pool season.

The Curve design creates a maximum solar collecting area that captures free heat from the sun even as the position of the sun changes! The Curve is made from a super strong blow-molded plastic frame with a clear cover that locks in heat and deflects cooling winds. The Curve easily connects to in-ground or above ground pools and multiple units may be joined for even more heat. Comes with all adapters and hoses required for assembly.

SolarPRO CURVE Features:

  • Unique Curved Shape – Maximizes heat absorption by capturing the sun’s rays at any point during the day
  • Clear Cover – Wraps completely around the panel to lock in heat and deflect cooling winds
  • 14 Collector Tubes – Allow for even water flow without the need for bypass kits
  • Internal Molded Baffle – Diverts the water through the panel, allowing it pass through both sides of the collector to maximize heating potential
  • Threaded Ports – Provide flexibility when connecting to either above ground (soft sided or rigid wall) or in ground pool
Game Solar Panel Legs

GAME SolarPRO Curve Pool Heater

  • Heat your pool in the environmentally friendly way!
    • No electricity or gas connections!
  • Unique Curved Shape maximizes heat
  • Threaded ports for versatile plumbing options
  • Adapters for Intex pools are included
  • Protective cover traps solar heat in and warms water as it passes through
  • Extend swimming season by a few weeks by heating your pool!
  • Installation is fast and easy for above ground pools
  • For larger pools, multiple heaters can be connected with use of a Bypass Kit from GAME (sold separately)
  • Filter pump is required to circulate water (sold separately)
  • Includes 2 hoses and stainless steel hose clamps
  • Durable construction with commercial grade collectors

Weight: 35lbs
Product Dimensions: 30.7″L x 30.7″W x 15.35″H
Warranty: 90 day GAME manufacturer warranty