solarheating_1The AquaSolar® system from GoldLine Controls gives you total solar system control with digital display of pool temperature and solar system temperature. Plus, full system diagnostic LED’s. The Aqua Solar is set by a single dial adjustment for desired pool temperature. The AquaSolar® offers selectable high limit, programmable re circulation freeze protection and nocturnal cooling to customize any installation.

Contents of box:

  • 3 way manual valve
  • valve actuator
  • control box
  • 2 temperature sensors
  • 4 long screws


  • Microprocessor based = digital accuracy
  • Digital temperature display for pool, solar and auxiliary sensors
  • Large, enameled metallic enclosure
  • Re-circulate freeze protection (field selectable)
  • Nocturnal cooling (field selectable)
  • 120/240VAC input power
  • 24VAC low voltage output (for valve)
  • Up to 2 plug-in 3HP relays can be used for:
    • booster pump control
    • time clock override
    • pool sweep interlock
    • solar priority