Del OzoneDEL’s ozone systems provide clean, clear, and safe water for your pool, as well as a significant reduction in chemical use.

Del Ozone Eclipse

Del Ozone Eclipse

  • Ozone is an antimicrobial oxidizer that sanitizer and disinfects
  • Ozone is stronger than chlorine and will reduce chemical costs and chlorine cost by 60‑90%
  • Kills pathogens and microorganisms, destroys organics and inorganics and breaks down chloramines
  • Reduces environmental impact, no harsh chemical by products I the water
  • No chemical taste or smell, no eye or skin irritation and no discolouration or damage to clothing
  • Maintenance free, automated system

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Del Ozone AOP Solar Eclipse

Ozone AOP Solar Eclipse


Contains all the benefits of the Del Ozone Eclipse with the added benefits of UV!

  • Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) is formed when OZONE and UV are combined creating a chemical reaction resulting in hydroxyl radicals
  • After hydroxyl radicals oxidize contaminants, they convert back to oxygen making AOP a safe sustainable and green technology
  • AOP maximizes disinfection and improves water clarity
  • Germicidal UV passes water though a chamber and exposes it to light killing microorganisms and breaking down chloramines

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