Chlorine & Bromine Feeders



  • Easy-Lok Cover Assembly- has thread assist mechanism to provide dependable sealing plus convenient access for adding tablets or sticks.
  • Extra Large Chamber Capacity- to meet the needs of all sizes and types of pools. The corrosion proof, versatile design accommodates large or small slow-dissolving tablets or sticks.
  • Dial Regulating Valve- is easy to use and lets you control and adjust the rate of feed for your pool’s variable requirements and chlorine demand.
  • Feeder Tube- provides controlled outlet flow of highly concentrated chlorinated water plus serves as an auto air relief to expel entrapped air from the chlorine chamber.
  • Versatility- for new or existing pools. Choose either an in-line or off-line unit to suit your pool system.
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Chemical Feeders

Technical Specifications

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In-Line Chlorinators- Chlorine Application (Using Stabilized Chlorine Tablets)

Model NumberWater CapacityChemical CapacityFeeder WidthFeeder HeightOUR PRICE
CL100EFUp to 40,000L4.2 lbs.8 1/4"15 1/4"$59.99
CL200EFUp to 100,000L9 lbs.9"14 3/4"$89.99

*We Suggest a Hayward Union Connector (Item# SP1500UNMPAK1) for connection of this product to sand filter*

Off-Line Chlorinators (Using Stabilized Chlorine Tablets)

Offline Chlorinators are Recommended for Pools with Existing Heaters

Model NumberWater CapacityChemical CapacityFeeder WidthFeeder HeightOUR PRICE
CL110EFUp to 40,000L4.2 lbs.6 3/4"13"$89.99
CL220EFUp to 100,000L9 lbs.8 1/4"15 1/2"$109.99
C250EXPUp to 200,000L16 lbs.10 1/2"17 1/2"$299.99

For chlorine application, ONLY use Stabilized Chlorine Tablets or Sticks.

Off-line Brominators (Using Bromine Tablets)

Bromine Requires a Larger Canister to Accommodate Faster Dissolving Rates

Model NumberWater CapacityChemical CapacityFeeder WidthFeeder HeightOUR PRICE
CL220EFUp to 40,000L9 lbs.8 1/4"15 1/2"$109.99
C250EXPUp to 75,000L16 lbs.10 1/2"17 1/2"$299.99
C500EXPUp to 150,000L30 lbs.10 1/2"27 1/2"$319.99

*Item CL110EF/CL220EF require a 3/8″ drill bit for self-installations

*C250EXP/C500EXP require 3/4″ plumbing for hook-up

CL100/110 & CL200/220 Series Owner’s Manual
C250EXP / C500EXP Owner’s Manual

In-Line and Off-Line Configurations

To accommodate most capacity, plumbing and space considerations


In-Line Chemical Feeder Configuration
  • Off-Line Feeders are recommended for pools with an Existing Pool Heater
  • Requires a 3/8” drill bit for self-installation
  • C250EXP requires a 3/8” drill bit as well as additional ¾” plumbing for hook up


Off-Line Chemical Feeder Configuration
  • Connector PackWe suggest Off-Line Feeders for Pools with an Existing Pool Heater
  • Optional Union Connector Pack: SP1500UNMPAK1

*A check valve helps to prevent chlorine gas from damaging pool equipment.

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