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AquaVac QC

AquaVac QC by Hayward

“You do not need to be a computer whiz to use this cleaner! Take it out of the box, plug it in and watch it clean!”

Hayward’s AquaVac QC features on board technology that has been tested in our industry for over 20 years – a true testimony to its outstanding performance and track record.

During its 90 minute or 3 hour programmed cycle – you choose! – it uses an easy-to-clean reinforced cartridge element system catching more debris than any sand filter. Once its cleaning cycle is complete, the Aqua Vac QC is equipped with a convenient auto shut-off function to tell the system to automatically power down after its cleaning cycle.

Hayward AquaVac QC
Recommended for pools up to 40 feet

Cleanup is easy with the patented filter cartridge system – just remove and rinse with a garden hose.

Hayward AquaVac Cleanup

AquaVac Manual
Operating Instructions
AquaVac Caddy Cart Assembly

Hayward AquaVac QC Specifications

Work cycle3 hours
Quick Clean Cycle90 minutes
Cable length55 ft
Calculated ground speed55 ft/min
Filter porosity5 microns
Suction rate75 gal/min
Weight21.5 lbs
Motor unit24 V/3.5 amps
Power supply115 VAC input

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