Dolphin S50 by Maytronics

The S50 is the first fully robotic cleaner for ABOVEGROUND pools! No more reaching over pool walls or bending down from the deck to get that squeaky clean pool. Let the S50 do the work for you! This small but mighty cleaner’s active brush turns two times as quickly as other robotic cleaners. Unlike other aboveground cleaners, the S50 uses robotic scanning technology to ensure that every inch of your pool’s floor is cleaned efficiently. What’s more, the S50 uses a self-contained, top-access filter canister that saves you and your pool filter the stress of traditional vacuuming or suction cleaners.

Dolphin S50 Robotic Cleaner for Aboveground Swimming Pools

Dolphin S50
Recommended for Aboveground Pools up to 40 feet

  • Scrubs the pool floor and cove
  • Perfect for aboveground pools
  • 1.5-Hour cycle option
  • Pro Remote controls
  • 40’ Cable for enhanced access
  • Net canister filtration
  • Top opening filtration compartment
  • Active brush spins 2x faster for increased scrubbing power
  • Lightweight and easy to handle

Key Features

Advanced robotic scanning ensures complete pool coverage

Power Supply
Digital power supply

Filters the water while it cleans with an all-surface climbing brush

Dolphin S50 Specifications

Cycle time1.5 hours
Cable length40 ft
Pool size capability20ft x 40ft
Filter bag porosityFine porosity
Suction rate62 gal/min
Unit weight13.8 lbs

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