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This unique barrel head has been converted into a large clock that is sure to make a stunning showpiece for any room. Made from an authentic red wine barrel, the barrel head boasts the natural colouring of the beautifully crafted 100% oak wood. Traveling continents before making its way to Calgary AB, this clock has a story to tell. Originally built in France, barrels travel to Napa Valley to cask Red Wine for approximately 3 years. After a couple cycles go through the barrel, the flavour profile is gone. Burgundy Oak purchases these barrels and hand-make them into beautiful talking pieces.

Here’s your chance to bring home a piece of Wine Country!

Note that these clocks have particularly stunning and distinctive grain markings. In fact, these clocks bare the stain of the red wine that the barrel once housed.

  • Captivating Large Wall Clock
  • Sustainably sourced from White Oak.
  • Original Cooper Marks
  • L: 25″ W: 25″ H: 4″ (+/- 2″)

We love the patterns and grains in these pieces, any unusual markings or imperfections simply add to their beauty and uniqueness.

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Wine Barrel Head Clock