Rainbow Cocktail Layering Tool

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Cocktail Layering Tool for Cold Drinks and Hot Drinks

Make your own creative layered drinks like a pro!

With the Rainbow Cocktail Layering Tool anybody can create a perfectly layered cocktail at home. This tool creates a controlled slow pour that prevents liquids of different densities from mixing. The result is beautiful layers in a rainbow of colours.

How to Use the Cocktail Layering Tool

  • Slows down the liquid flow
  • Creates a perfectly layered cocktail
  • Detailed instructions included
  • Dimensions: 7.8″ H x 4.5″ W (20cm H x 11.3cm W)

First Pour the heaviest liquid with the most sugar content into the glass.

Place the layering tool onto the glass rim.

Slowly pour the second layer with a liquid less dense than the last.

The layers are slowly made one on top of the other making the perfectly layered drink.
Repeat step three for more layers.