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Sand Filters

How a Sand Filter Works

Sand is the oldest and most popular method of filtration. Sand filters share two things in common:

  • When in the filtration mode, water always flows from top to bottom
  • They all have some sort of lateral or underdrain with slots to hold back sand while allowing clean, filtered water to pass through.

High-rate sand filters use a special filter sand, normally .45 to .55 mm (also known as pool grade #20 silica sand), because it has sharp edges that separate particles, allowing filtration to take place. They operate on the basis of "depth" filtration where dirt is driven through the sand bed and trapped in the spaces between the sand particles. Initially, a clean sand bed removes larger particles, and then, as the bed starts to load up with dirt, the filter removes finer particles. The sand can be cleaned by backwashing which involves reversing water flow through the filter to the "waste" line. Sand Filters trap debris as small as 20 to 40 microns.

Pro™ Series Top-Mount Filter


Providing you with quality you can trust, the Pro Series high-rate sand filters incorporate the latest pool filter technology to ensure your pool is operating at its very best. Molded of durable, corrosion-proof reinforced thermoplastic, they feature attractive, unitized tank construction for years of trouble-free operation with only minimal care. Pro Series sets a new standard for performance, value and dependability.

  1. Flange Clamp Design allows 360 rotation of valve to simplify plumbing.
    • 7 Position Hayward Vari-Flo control valve with easy-to-use lever-action handle lets you dial any of the valve/filter functions.
    • Integral sight glass lets you see when backwash cycle is completed.
  2. Integral Top Diffuser ensures even distribution of water over the top of the sand media bed. Full-size internal piping gives a smooth, free-flowing performance.
  3. Unitized, Corrosion-Proof Filter Tank molded of tough, durable colorfast reinforced thermoplastic for dependable, all-weather performance with only minimal care.
  4. Efficient, Multi-Lateral Underdrain Assembly with precision engineered, umbrella-fold, self-cleaning laterals for balanced flow and backwashing, plus easy serviceability.
  5. Integral Molded Drain Plug for easy draining of tank, without the loss of sand.
  6. Totally Corrosion-Proof Base is rugged and attractively styled to provide strong, stable support.


  • Aboveground and Inground pools of all types and sizes
  • In-ground spas (residential or commercial)
  • Water features (fish ponds, fountains, water gardens)

Available Sizes

  • 18"
  • 21"
  • 22"
  • 24"
  • 31" (Special Order Only)
  • 36" (Special Order Only)


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